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  • ADD has been accredited to UNEP as from 8 Sept 2022.....La Nina to continue to March 2023 likely to affect cyclone season in Indian Ocean......Montreal Protocol (35 anniversary 16.09.22) ended one of the greatest threats to humanity's survival - the depletion of ozone layer.......Urgent and ambitious mitigation action needed to reduce GHGs emissions.....ADD celebrated its 15th anniversary on 7 August 2022-------ADD's new email address:


Sandwatch is a volunteer network of children, youth and adults working together to enhance their beach environment and build resilience to Climate change.

The Sandwatch Foundation coordinate the network of schools and community group who actively monitor changes in their beach environments, evaluate the problems and conflicts, take action to address beach issues.In Mauritius 

ADD started to implement the Sandwatch programme since 2018 at La Gaulette State Secondary School. Due to sanitary restriction this programme is temporarily suspended.