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Sandwatch - Public and Private Sector Partnership

ADD is implementing UNESCO's Sandwatch in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the sponsorship of Currimjee Foundation. Other partners include The Albion Fishereies Research Centre and the Mauritius Oceanographic Institute.

Sandwatch is an educational programme that enables students, teachers, and local communities to work together to monitors coastal environments, identify problems and propose sustainable approaches to address them.

Sandwatch places emphasis on data collection and their analysis to monitor and study them to identify issues. The data collected relate to beach erosion and accretion, impact of human actities on the beach, beach debris, water quality, waves, currents, weather and climate and plants and animals.

The students enter the data on an international database and present their findings to the School officials, ADD members, sponsors and their classmates. The programme was implemented in Mauritius in 2018  with La Gaulette SSS. In 2019 France Boyer de la Giroday  SSS joined in. Dr Regis Chaperon SSS and  Sir Leckraz Teeluck SSS participated in the programme in 2020. Due to Sanitary restriction  this  project was temporarily suspended in 2021 . [Read More]

La Gaulette SSS -                                   2018 (First field exercise);   (Final report);   (Closing ceremony)

La Gaulette SSS -                                   2019 (2nd year Implementation)

France Boyer de La Giroday SSS -       2019 (Proposed site- LaCambuse);  (Proposed Site- Blue Bay Beach);  (First field work)