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Empowering in the South East


Empowering in the South East

The objective is to empower local communities on ways to arrest coastal degradation and enhance marine resources through mangrove restoration and to enable inhabitants to acquire skills in the production and marketing of eco-goods, kitchen gardening and cookery.

The project is funded by Mitsui O.S.K. Charitable Trust. A few images from the closing ceremony


Clean up Rivière des Creoles Beach

The activitity was held on 5 June 2022


Clean-up Bois des Amourettes and Anse Jonchée

Cookery Capacity-building

One of the activities relates to cookery



Several persons are being trianed in the making and marketing of ecobags.


Backyard Gardening

Another successful component of the project was the induction and promotion of backyard gardening. Several households in Rivière des Creoles and other villages participated in the project. They were provided with seed, fertilisers, soil and expertise.


Small Business Cooperative Society Ltd (SBCS)

Textile products and Pastry

Registered Feb 2023

As an essential commitment of ADD to ensure sustainability, ADD took the iniative and encouraged and facilitaed the establishment of a Cooperative Society. The project araes covered were Textile products and Pastry. The Ministry of Industrial Development, SMEs and Cooperatives provided ready assistance.

The Society is a cornerstone of ensuring empowerment, replication and sustainabilty.

Closing ceremony

ADD/MOL Charitable Trust funded project was implemented in the SouthEast Region from January 2022 - April 2023. 

 The project comprised main components for empowering in

Ecobags, Pastry, Kitchen Gardening, establish Cooperative Society