Village Councils

In the context of its activities, ADD primary contact at the local level is the Village Council which represents the local authority. At the start of the consultative period for the drafting of a Project, a close working relationship is developed between the members of the Village Council and ADD.

In this way the ideas of the villagers are built in the Project design and implementation plan. The process of Project development is discussed and ascertained that it is well understood. This approach has the merit of building trust.

During the period, ADD identifies individuals and NGOs who could be associated with the Project implementation and agrees on a collaborative modality. Whenever possible, people from the village are entrusted with remunerative tasks and those such as surveys and organisation of events that require close contact with the villagers.  In this way, the Project gains ownership and contributes to the sustainability of its achievements.

Invariably whether required or not by the funding bodies, a Project Implementation Committee is established.   The Committee comprises mostly inhabitants and representatives of NGOs and the Village Council.  

The above model was successfully applied in the case Le Morne, Poudre d’Or Village and Quatre Soeurs. It is also applied in the case of the new ADD MCB Forward Foundation (MCBFF) Project on mangrove propagation at Case Noyale/Petite Rivière Noire.