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The Conference willl be held at Subramanian Hall, Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka, Mauritius from 17 to 19 March 2014

Dr The Honourable Vasant K. BUNWAREE, Minister of Education and Human Resources performed the Opening Ceremony.
Dr The Hon. Arvin BOOLELL, G.O.S.K,Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade will perform the Closing Ceremony.

PRESS RELEASE on Conference 

The Conference was opened by Dr The Honourable Vasant K. Bunwaree, Minister of Education and Human Resources. Over 100 persons attended the event. In his address, the Minister expressed his appreciation the platform to better prepare the youth for tomorrow’s challenges.


The keynote address by Dr A. Suddhoo called for an innovative approach in promoting science, technology, environment and mathematics (STEN). He advocated ‘science diplomacy’ between countries.


Mr S. Chacowry, Honorary President of the Association pour le Développement Durable (ADD) highlighted the activities of the NGO in meeting the challenges of the future. He stressed that the Conference met a national need and served an international purpose.


Mr B. Madhou, Director–General of MGI welcomed the organisation of such a Conference in its premises.


Dr J. Naugah addressed the concerns of gender within sustainable development.

A dozen papers on capacity building of women, youth and vulnerable groups were taken up eminent personalities from India, UK, Africa and Mauritius. Education is one of the pillars and should be given high priority in any of sustainable development process.

MID and Blue economy were seen as highly innovative and should be widely disseminated at grassroots level. Mauritian scientists should work closely with international centres of excellence as a way to create a critical mass to address national development priorities.

The second session will start at 09h00 and the main agenda is Sustainability.  


Morning session: THEME 2 - SUSTAINABILITY

9h20 – 10h30                 Plenary session
Chairperson:     Dr F. MAHOMOODALLY, University of Mauritius
Rapporteur:       Mr Satish CYPARSADE, Mauritius Institute of Education
09h00 – 09h20              Keynote address: MID and its link to Sustainability by Ms. J. BHANDARI Ag. Chairperson, Maurice Ile Durable (MID) Fund Committee
Sub-theme 2.1:              Sustainability - the legal perspective


Interplay of technology and law: A gender perspective by Dr Reddivari Revathi

      • Legislation checks of the sustainability within the major environment - related laws in an oceanic            island state by Mokshanand Dowarkasing, Rajendra Parsad Gunputh, Ranjeet Bhagooli

        Sub-theme 2.2: Climate change, Ocean economy and Coastal protection
        ·      Climate Change and Sustainable Development - The Need to Devise Adaptation and Mitigation Measures by Y Boodhoo
        ·      Promoting Blue Economy through Science and Technology for Sustainable Development by Prof. Ved Goel
        ·      Ocean Economy within Climate Compatible and Sustainable Development: Issues in Mauritius by Gunputh, Philibert, and Ramessur
        ·      An evaluation of public perception of potential sustainable seaweed industry in Mauritius by Divambal Lutchmanen and Ranjeet Bhagooli
        ·      Working Towards Sustainability: A project to reduce ecological footprint at school level by A Naeck, Kapil Boolauky, Ashwin Gopee and    Radhika Mungra (D.A.V College, Port-Louis)

        10h30-10h45                 Coffee/Tea Break
        10h45-12h30                  Plenary session
        ·      Mangrove Restoration, Propagation and Sustainable Coastal Ecology in Mauritius by Sandeep Kumar Gopala
        ·      Climate Change Adaptation Programme in the Coastal Zone of Mauritius by N. Khedah, S. Boolkah and P. Kallee
        ·      Public Awareness of mangroves and its conservation and sustainable use by Jheengut A, Bholah R, Gopeechund A, Ramkissoon S,    Sadally S, Bhagooli R

        ·      Sustainable Development Approaches on Coastal and Marine Regions: A Case Study of Mauritius          by Mohungoo B. Warda., Avala Gurayya J.,Munory D., Parian Y., Callychurn O., Lillah S., Dinnoo J.,       Damry S., Foolmaun S., Partab A (Manilal Doctor State Secondary School, Travel and Tourism       Department)
        ·      A Mega Tsunami Struck Mauritius 4000 Years Ago? by Gaj Pyndiah

        11h30-12h00               Discussions (Sub-themes 2.1 and 2.2)

        Sub-theme 2.3:              Wetlands, Land use and Food security issues
        ·      Pat - Floodplain wetland of Manipur Valley, India by S D Gurumayum
        ·      Social Exclusion of Women in Fishing Community and tsunami by Tulika Chakravorty
        ·      A synthesis of public perception of flood risk from content analysis of media coverage of flood over the period 2003 to 2013 by     Anoradha   Chacowry
        ·      Adding Value with CLEWS – Modelling the Energy System and its Interdependencies for Mauritius by Welsch M.*, Hermann S., Howells M., Rogner H.H., Young C., Ramma I., Bazilian M, Fischer G., Alfstad T., Gielen D., Le Blanc D., Röhrl A., Steduto P., Müller A.

        12h30-13h30                   Lunch/ Poster/ Exhibition/ Networking
        13h00-13h30                   Video Conference
      • Afternoon session: THEME 2 - SUSTAINABILITY
        13h30-14h45                 Plenary session
        Chairperson:     Dr A. RAMJAUN, Head of Science Education Department, MIE
        Rapporteur:       Mrs Sitabai RAMLUGUN, Gaetan Raynal State College
        ·      Influence of long-term nutrients management on productivity and soil fertility in Sweet corn-Rajma-Onion crop sequence in semi-arid climate by Mangala R. Ghanbahadur, B.S. Morwal, O.S. Rakhonde, M.G. Dikkar, Pravina Satpute and P.H. Bansod
        ·      Evaluation of Antioxidant Capacity of Banana Cultivars Commonly Consumed in Ekiti State, Nigeria by Ogunlade Ibiyinka, Aluko Olanrewaju, Akomolede Wemimo and Osho sidi
        ·      Aspergillus fumigatus Activity on Lignocellulosic Substrate Producing Cellulase Enzyme by K.M. Khaleel and V.V. Gilna
      • Sub-theme 2.4: Architecture, Demography and Greening in sustainability
        ·         An architect’s experience in sustainable design in Mauritius by Mr. Pat Ng Cheong Tin, Architecte DPLG (France) PA MMAA
        ·         Declining demographics and sustainability by Dr. Amenah Jahangeer Chojoo
        ·         Green growth through Sustainable Development by Ms.Meera Bujun and Ms. Priya Bhujun (Universal College)

        14h45-15h00                 Coffee/Tea break

        15h00-15h45                 Discussions (Sub-themes 2.3 and 2.4)

        15h45 -17h30                Plenary
        Chairperson: Dr Lady Sue Dale TUNNICLIFFE, Institute of Education, University of London
        Rapporteur:   Dr Jaya NAUGAH

        15h45-16h05                 Keynote address: Building the bonds between science and culture by Professor Mike WATTS, Brunel University

        Sub-theme 3.1:              Resilience-building strategies - from childhood to communities
        ·      Talking Science - A Project in Rural Bangladesh to Increase Self-Esteem of Women though Heightening their Awareness of their Knowledge of Science and Technology from their Everyday Lives and Talking to their Children by Dr Lady Sue Dale Tunnicliffe
        ·      Perception of Upper Secondary School Students on Science and Research by Mrs Veer-Ramjeawon,, Mr Narrain, and Dr A.Suddhoo

        Sub-theme 3.2:             Environmental management, science and research for resilience

        ·      Enhancing women participation in the Science and Technology sector in Mauritius; present status, challenges, and proposed strategies by  Dr M. Madhou, M,  Pothegadoo, D,  Budaly, S,  Veer-Ramjeawon, P , Narrain, K, Diop  K and Ravina, JM and Suddhoo, A.    
        ·      The Role of Women in Environment Management by Dr Shobha Sharma                                  
        17h00-17h30                 Discussions (Sub-theme 3.1)