Sandwatch Closing Ceremony at Dr Regis Chaperon SSS



Closing Ceremony of Sandwatch Programme at Dr. Regis Chaperon SSS

The closing ceremony of the Sandwatch Programme at Dr Regis Chaperon was held on 26 November 2020. Several personalities participated in the event.

Ms Teemul, Ag Rector of the School, Ms  Ochotoya, former Rector who initiate the Project, Mr Fleur, Manager at Currimjee Foundation, Senior Member of  Currimjee Foundation, and Representative of the
Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology.

Members of ADD present were Mr S. Chacowry and Mr S. N. Sok Appadu, both Honorary Presidents, Dr (Mrs) Chacowry, Mrs O. Ragoonaden and Mr M. Ramphul.

Ms Teemul welcomed the invitees, educators and students. She saw great value in the programme. As an extra curicular activity it teaches a considerable number of valuable skills to the students. She thanked the
Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology for their support, the Currimjee Foundation for making the Project a reality and to ADD for the design and implementation. She thanked the School Committee made of the Rector and the educators namely Mr Khoody, Mr Soondrum, Dr (Mrs) Kallee and  Mr Janvier who coordinated the programme at the school level and ensured the participation of the students and that they benefit from it in an optimum manne

Mr. Fleur, Representative of Currimjee Foundation saw pleased to see the successul completion of the Project. The Foundation was pleased to be associated with the Project which benefits the students directly in so many ways including team work, practical experience in sciene and environmental issues, public speech and leadership. He thanked the Ministry, the Rectors, the educators and the students in the realisastion of a project which has an international reach. He expressed his apprecaition to ADD for the effective mangement and implementation of the project.

Mr Ragoonaden, President of Association pour le Développement Durable (ADD), explained the background to the project, a brief history of ADD's involvement in environmental matters, mangrove plantation and Sandwatch Programme. he thanked the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology, the Currimjee Foundation, the Rectors, Educators and students for ensuring the success of the Project.

 Mr M. Ramphul, on behalf of ADD conveyed his thanks to all stakeholders. The ceremony was testimony to the successful completion of Sandwatch 2020, in spite of the severe constraints imposed by Covid-19. The success has been  possible thanks to the goodwill, conviction on the value of the project and the unswerving commitment and contribution of all stakeholders, most of us are present here. He recalled that the fruitful collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology goes back to 2008 in areas related to sensitization in various environmental themes inMauritius and Rodrigues. The collaboration with the Currimjee Foundation in Sandwatch Programme goes back to 2018. ADD is grateful to them. He recalled that  Messrs Ragoonaden, Ramen and Toorul of ADD passionately believe in the contribution of the project and were thus actively involved in in-class and outside class activities. He reassured the participants that ADD's Managing Committee has expressed its unflinching support to the spirit, content and value of the Project in coastal management and protection.

All the participants looked forward to the continuation of the Sandwatch programmethe following year.