Brief on ADD's AGM 2020

Association pour le Développement Durable (ADD)

A brief on ADD Annual General Meeting 2020 (AGM13)

The Association pour le Développement Durable (ADD) held its 13th Annual General Meeting on 14 March 2020 at the kind invitation of a member at his residence at La Laura, St. Pierre. The congenial environment, within an extensive green area of vegetable gardens and forest of almost 3 ha at the foot of mountain Pouce, and the friendly atmosphere, contributed much to produce a very successful meeting.

1.      Participants

Twenty eight members attended the meeting. Invitation was extended to spouses of members, to keep up with the tradition of ADD, and some responded to it. One member from DPIN was also present.

ADD Managing Committee met initially to consider and approve the financial account and other related matters before presenting them to the Meeting.

2.      President’s report

In his report, Mr. Ragoonaden highlighted the various achievements and activities which have taken place since the last AGM. These included:

·         Implementation of ADD/CJ Sandwatch in two schools, namely La Gaulette and France Boyer de la Giroday State Secondary Schools at La Prairie and Blue Bay Beaches, respectively from January to July 2019. The closing ceremony was organized on 08 July 2019. It was attended by more than 125 participants comprising students and invitees from participating Ministries, Currimjee Foundation and other NGOs. During the ceremony the students presented their findings.

·         Submission of a Concept Note on a project proposal entitled “Enabling communities of Camp Carol Village Council Area in integrating climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in their daily life style contributing thereby to the reduction of the ecological footprint and realization of national sustainable goals” 20 September 2019 in response to a call for project proposals from the European Union on. The results of the selection will be known by mid-March 2020. Members will be duly informed of the outcome.

·         Organisation of a brainstorming session on 04 May at MACOSS Regional Leadership Centre, Moka. It was attended by about 25 participants. One outcome was the preparation of a Gantt chart with details on short-, medium- and long-term project proposals

·         Holding of five Managing Committee meetings on 30 March, 05 April, 07 June, 16 August and 18 October

·         Renting of an Office at Nicholson St., Vacoas in December

 He then proposed some activities and programmes for future consideration. These included:

·         Extension of sandwatch to a school and a beach in the North when more resources would become available

·         Initiation of sandwatch at Rodrigues following its acceptance by the Rodrigues Executive Council

·         Establishment of a national sandwatch group

·         Organisation of a regional sandwatch workshop in 2021, the budget of which has already been earmarked by UNESCO Nairobi Office

·         Enhancement of ocean literacy during the UN Decade (2021-2030) on Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.


          Other issues raised by members

·         The preparation of the Full Project document with the assistance of all members

·         The establishment of a data base in addition to those available on ADD’s website. This issue was particularly relevant to financial matters.

 The topic Ocean science gave rise to in-depth discussion. Several attempts by Government Authorities, Universities and Regional bodies have been made during the last decade to promote ocean literacy within the education community. Nonetheless, the decade will provide a unique opportunity to give further incentives to promote the activity. The MIE has taken several initiatives toward introducing the subject in public schools. Some private schools were teaching the oceanography and marine sciences in various levels. It was agreed that would explore the advisability of joining a group set up ba the University to this end. In this way it could join the efforts with like-minded organizations and institutions  in realizing the objective.

The Meeting agreed to the establishment of a database. This would include data on financial matters, data collected during the Sandwatch activities, various other reports and information materials.

Members welcomed the actions and initiatives.

3.      Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Torul presented the financial account for 2019. The main income, besides membership fees and donations from members, was from Currimjee Foundation for the implementation of sandwatch. Following queries from participants on some expenses and income, on which he provided clarification, the financial account was approved. 

He then went on to present the provisional budget for 2020. This was based on the income and expenses for 2019. It was unanimously approved by the meeting.

4.      Acknowledgments

While closing the meeting, Mr. Ragoonaden expressed his gratitude to Currimjee Foundation for providing funding for the sandwatch programme. He thanked members who provided donations and all members for their contribution in the implementation of ADD activities and all the participants for attending AGM13. 

He then invited all participants for some snacks and refreshment.