2019 record temperatures in Mauritius

2019 – Warmest year in Mauritius since 1960

2019 is likely the warmest year on record since 1960. The result is based on long-term representative temperature data recorded at five stations around the island.  The mean temperature over the island for 2019 was found to be 1.1 °C higher than the 1981-2010, baseline period for reckoning temperature changes (normal) (Figure 1). Warmer conditions prevailed particularly over the central part of the island, the southeast and in some parts of the Northeast region (Figure 2)..

December 2019 – Warmest month since 1960

December 2019 was likewise an exceptional month. It was the warmest December on record since 1960 with an average temperature over the island exceeding the 1981-2010 normal by 1.5°C. Maximum temperatures during that month reached as high as 35.5 °C on 10 December at Champ de Mars, Port Louis. The nights were also hot with the mean minimum temperature above normal by 1.8 °C, which was again the highest on record since 1960.

Average maximum (day-time) temperature over the island was 1.0°C above the normal

The average minimum (night-time) temperature was 1.2°C above the normal compared to the long term mean 1981-2010. Night-time temperatures were warming faster than daytime.

(Source: Mauritius Met Services)