Belna - severe storm

Severe Tropical Storm BELNA

On 6 December, at 16h00 Mauritius Time (MT), tropical storm, the second of the  2019-2020 cyclone season in South West Indian Ocean, was located at 8.3 °S 48.4 °E. It was moving WSW 12km/hr. BELNA is evolving to the North of Madagascar. It was some 915 km WNW of Agalega.

The name was given by Mauritius.

The potential for Belna's development started on 25 November, noting an increase in shower activity west of Seychelles. A broad band of low pressure area began to take shape within the storm activity, extending across the equator.

On 29 November A loosely-defined wind circulation was detected 263 km south of Seychelles. Over the following days, this circulation tightened within an environment moderately conducive for tropical development.

On 2 December it was declared the system a Zone of Disturbed Weather The system had drifted west from its point of origin. Although the storm was better organized and the environment conducive for intensification, the storm's wind field initially remained elongated and rainfall remained north of the storm's centre.  

On 5 December the disturbance become a tropical depression, attended by an increase in rainbands and the return of convection at the center of circulation. On that day at 18:00 UTC, the system was upgraded to Tropical Storm Belna.

Météo Madagascar issued green alerts for the Madagascan North Eastern districts.

 A cyclone pre-alert was issued for Mayotte on 6 December.