Successful completion of Sandwatch activities at Blue Bay and La Prairie

Sandwatch activities at Blue Bay and La Prairie were completedsuccessfuly by 30 June 2019.

A closing ceremony was held on 08 July in the theatre of France Boyer de la Giroday SSS. About 125 students from FBG and 30 from LG and many Educators from both institutions were present. Invitees from Ministry of Education, NGO Reef Conservation, CF and Albion Fisheries Research Centre also attended the ceremony. It was well covered by the media. Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation TV was also present interviewing the sandwatch coordinator and students. The Rectors of the two schools, CF representative and ADD Vice President addressed the gathering, all highlighting the positive changes in the mindset and behavior of sandwatch participating students towards more caring for the fragile coastal environment. The official opening was performed by the MEHRTESR representative.

A summary of the activities and the Closing ceremony are given at:

Sandwatch activities and closing ceremony