Weather system moving South Eastward causes severe flooding

Weather system causes widespread flooding

A weather system aligned North-West South-East and moving in a broad Easterly direction

crossed the Mascarenes on 17 February 2019.

It brought eavy precipitation in all parts of Mauritius and caused severe and in some cases unprecedented flooding 

in many parts of the island especially the Northern region.

The system evolved into a heterogeneous mass when it crossed Mauritius but the overall nature, orientation and movement of the system remained broadly unchanged.

The satellite pictures shows the system crossing Mauritius and in particular the one at 17/12h45 shows the intense rainfall over the North.

The date/time of the pictures are indicated below:

16.02.2019/02:30 Mauritius Time -- 16.02.2019/04:15 Mauritius Time

16.02.2019/07:30 Mauritius Time -- 17.02.2019/16:45 Mauritius Time

17.02.2019/12:45 Mauritius Time





Rainfall in (mm) from 16 February 2019 19h00 to 17 February 2019 19h00


Albion 102.6 Bagatelle Dam   Beau Bassin 70.2 Beaux Songes 40
Bell Village 89.6 Belle Mare 25.6 Champ de Mars   Chitrakoot 121
Domaine les Pailles 85.6 Grand Bassin   Le Morne 13.4 Mare Aux Vacoas 67.8
Moka 63 Mon Bois 71 Mon Loisir Rouillard 62.2 Mon Loisir Sugar Estate 52.2
Nouvelle Decouverte 70.4 Plaisance (SSR Int Airport) 69.9 Port Louis (Line Barracks) 88.2 Providence 82.8
Pte aux Cannoniers 59.2 Quatre Bornes 51.8 Queen Victoria 29.8 Riche en Eau 76.8
Riche Terre 113.1 Riviere Noire 30.4 Rose Belle 78.2 Signal Mountain 143
St.Felix 40.2 Vacoas 67