Last Call for Papers

Association pour le Developpement Durable (ADD)

(Municipality of Port Louis, 5 to 8 October 2015)
(Municipality of Port Louis, 8 to 10 October 2015)

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You are invited to participate in a colloquium on ENGAGING STAKEHOLDERS IN CLIMATE CHANGE ISSUES and submit a paper a paper on one of the topics listed in the attached programme. The Colloquium will be held from 8 to 10 October 2015 at the Municipality of Port Louis, Mauritius. Stakeholders are meant to refer to the public sector, the private sector, NGOs and concerned groups, organisations or individuals that will be affected by climate change.

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2015 is a crucial year for the sustainability of life on Earth. The current negotiations for the Paris Climate Change Conference (November/December 2015) will culminate in a binding legal instrument that will determine the socio-economic and environmental models for our societies of a low carbon and climate resilient future. The colloquium provides an ideal opportunity to reflect on and develop strategies to address, at national and regional levels, the potential implications of the decisions that might be taken at the Paris Conference. In parallel, preparations are also under way for the adoption by the United Nations of a post-2015 development agenda.
The overall theme of the Workshop is: Engaging stakeholders in climate change issues
For the colloquium, the challenges and opportunities associated with climate change relate to the Republic of Mauritius and countries in the region. Their contributions and legitimate developmental aspirations should be taken into consideration in the Paris negotiations and their interests duly reflected and safeguarded in any legal instrument on climate change.
The three thematic areas are:
·         The challenges posed by climate change and the adequacy of current and planned actions and existing mechanisms to ensure sustainability
·         National commitments and expectations - incorporating these in the framing of a new legal instrument
·         Opportunities and challenges that a new instrument may offer and strengthening mechanisms for implementation
The objectives of the Workshop are to provide a platform, at national and regional levels, and engage stakeholders in:
·         Exchanging experience on climate change issues and identify areas that need to be addressed for long-term sustainability.
·         Discussing issues of concern that have to be included in the new legal framework that is expected to be adopted at the Paris Climate Change Conference (PCCC).
·         Proposing ways of optimising benefits from such an instrument and addressing challenges in the implementation and discuss suitable mechanisms for follow-up.
The colloquium will bring together decision makers, scientists, researchers, representatives from public/private sectors, NGOs, academic institutions,
and highly knowledgeable resource persons from different disciplines as well as eminent personalities from national and regional institutions.
In particular, the colloquium places emphasis on the contributions of the private sector which will have a major role to play in the implementation of the legal instrument,
once adopted. Therefore, the representatives of the private sector are specifically invited and encouraged to participate and make presentations.

The forum will provide a unique opportunity to share experiences, discuss the most recent findings relating to climate change and propose strategies in several fields
to address corresponding issues. Several participants, especially from within the Indian Ocean and SADC region are expected to attend.
ADD, a Non-Governmental Organization, is organizing the Colloquium in collaboration with public and private sectors. The Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development,
Disaster and Beach Management, the Secretariat of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Southern African Development Community (SADC),
Secretariat and the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) are among those that have expressed their support.

2.                  THE COLLOQUIUM TOPICS
The programme of the Colloquium includes, but is not limited to:
1.      Climate scenarios - Implication of limiting global warming to 1.5 or 2°C
2.      Mitigation - Low carbon emission mechanisms
3.      Adaptation - Impacts and Carbon sequestration systems
4.      Economic and Funding - Costs and Benefits
5.      Institutional arrangements
6.      Cooperation among public and private sectors at national and regional levels
7.      Cooperation among Parties to the UN Climate Change Convention.



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  Submission Deadline
Abstract 4 September 2015
Extended Abstract Final Paper 18 September 2015
Final Paper 18 September 2015
Registration for authors 26 September 2015
Early Bird Registration Open on 1st July 2015until 15 August 2015
 Standard Registration 16 August 2015 until 5 September 2015
Late Registration From 6 September 2015
4.                  PUBLICATION

a)      All the accepted full papers or extended abstracts will be published in the Abstracts & Proceedings CD-ROM (e-book) with an ISBN number and will be given to the participants on the conference day.
b)      Participants will be able to reach and download the Abstracts & Proceedings E-book from ADD Website (
c)      Colloquium Abstracts & Proceedings will also be included in Google Scholar and sent to be reviewed for their inclusion in the ISI Conference Proceedings Citation Index.
The accepted papers (depending upon their author’s wish) will also sent to be reviewed for publishing in one of our peer reviewed online International e-journals with an ISSN number which is also sent to be reviewed for their inclusion in the ISI Citation Indexes.[There may be cost involved. ADD may not have the resources to do so]

Moka is at the centre of Mauritius and is one of the most beautiful and easily accessible places known for its culture, history and artistic richness. It enjoys a pleasant weather in October.
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We look forward to seeing you in Port Louis, Mauritius.

ADD Organizing Committee
09 September, 2015