Engaging stakeholders in climate change issues

(Municipality of Port Louis, Mauritius, 5 to 8 October 2015)




Information regarding the colloquium on ENGAGING STAKEHOLDERS ON CLIMATE CHANGE ISSUES are provided elsewhere on the website.


1.      Climate scenarios
    a)      State of climate – past, present and future - global, regional and national levels
        b)      Implications of limiting global warming to 1.5 or 2°C


2.      Mitigation
a)      Long-term and global aspects of mitigation
        b)      Why invest on mitigation and to what extent?
        c)      What actions in major sectors: industry, transport, energy, agriculture and ecosystems and tourism?
        d)     Options for SIDS and other vulnerable countries - Nationally appropriate mitigation actions.


3.      Adaptation
  a)      Examples with impact
                 i)          Social
                ii)          Economic
               iii)         Environmental
        b)      National adaptation plan (NAP) process

4.      Economic implications and Funding
      a)        Costs of mitigation and adaptation
      b)        Economic benefits
      c)        Funding


5.      Institutional arrangements
     a)      Technology transfer
     b)      Capacity building
     c)      Sensitisation and awareness

6.      Possible implications of the outcomes of Paris Conference for Mauritius, SIDS and Indian Ocean countries
     a)      Policy – Obligations, Commitments (INDCs, etc.)
     b)      Technology development and transfer
     c)      Role and responsibility of the private sector
     d)     Role and responsibility of Government, NGOs and the citizens