Sensitisation programmes of the Association


Sensitisation at all levels from grassroots to secondary schools, to raise awareness on major environmental issues in order to promote good practices and conservation and protection of resources, is a key activity of the Association.

Sensitisation at all levels from grassroots to secondary schools, to raise awareness on major environmental issues in order to promote good practices and conservation and protection of resources, is a key activity of the Association. A sensitisation component is an integral part of all projects, which have been implemented so far. The list and types of activities given below are not exhaustive.

Sensitisation programmes at Le Morne and Poudre d’Or Primary Schools

A sensitisation programme on sustainable development and major environmental issues through extra curriculum activities at the Le Morne and Poudre D’Or primary school, for the benefits of children of Standard IV, V and VI, was one of the main components of the ADD/EU/DCP project“Improving the livelihood and welfare of artisanal fishermen and other coastal communities in Le Morne village” project (October 2008 to November 2009) and ADD/COI-EU-ReCoMaP project “ Stabilization of a severely eroded coastline around a historical site in poudre d’or village and awareness-raising on the sustainable development of coastal and marine resources” (November 2009 - May 2011)  respectively.  It consisted of 8 presentations made during the 1st and 2nd terms on:
  • Natural resources and sustainable living
  • Earth and Space
  • Weather, climate and climate change
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste and pollution
  • Coastal vegetation
  • Health

It was conducted in collaboration with the Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE) who provided some guidance on the pedagogical approach.  Some presentations were also made by lecturers from MIE. Competitions were organised on the last day of school of the second term on drawing (Std IV), quiz (Std V) and essay (Std VI). Prizes were offered to the best candidates.  

A nature corner has been set up within the premises of the Le Morne School for educational purposes. Some endemic, medicinal and decorative trees have been planted.  
At Poudre D’Or, the children of Std IV presented a 15-minute play on Climate Change. 

Sensitisation programme at Quatre Soeurs Primary School

The school presentations were further improved for the ADD/MCBFF-2 Mangrove Project at Quatre Soeurs, Pointe Aux Feuilles and Le Morne (January 2012-December 2012) project. On the prize giving day at the end of the 2nd term, a cultural show was organized. It included a slam and poetry competition. It was concluded with a dance show on the tune of Anarkali from an Indian film.

Tsunami sensitization campaign (November 2009 - 2010)
The tsunami sensitization campaign was one of the main components of the National Tsunami Programme to establish a Tsunami warning system in Mauritius with assistance from UNESCO following the 26 December Tsunami in 2004. Almost 250 000 people lost their life in countries bordering the Indian Ocean.

Though only a few fishing boats were lost in Rodrigues with no loss of life and insignificant damage occurred in Mauritius, proactive measures to prepare the population to face the dangers associated with tsunami were taken by the authority. Sensitisation programmes were implemented in both Mauritius and Rodrigues in collaboration with the MIE with support from the Meteorological Services.

Presentations on Tsunami formation, propagation, warning systems and precautions to take have were made to about 50 primary and secondary schools and for the benefit of the general public in 10 community centres around the island.


Exceptionally, the programme was extended to Rodrigues (21 to 25 June 2010) where nearly 800 students from primary and secondary schools and 100 fishermen were sensitized.

Outreach materials

Several outreach materials have been produced. These include:
  • A publication on Resource materials based on the presentations made in the primary schools, which can be used as guidance by teachers
  • A cartoon strip on tsunami in simple English to understand the formation of tsunami and precautions to take with 10 key questions at the end to test knowledge gained  
  • Sticker for distribution and poster for display on tsunami
  • A flyer on ecological, social, economical and cultural importance of  mangroves in French
  • A documentary on mangrove based on the ADD/MCBFF Mangrove project at Le Morne in collaboration with the Open University of Mauritius for education purposes
  • Flyers on St.Geran- A tragedy begets a legend, history and Places of interest- Poudre D’Or village, Paul et Virginie and Bernandin de St.Pierre to promote cultural and historical events
  • Flyers on Sustaining our Coastal and Marine Resources and Education for Sustainable Development for education purposes.
Participation in fairs

The Association has participated in several fairs on sensitisation for the benefit of the general public organised in particular by MACOSS and Minicipality of Quatre Bornes.