Tsunami Sensitisation

This sensitisation programme has been implemented at the invitation of the Mauritius Meteorological Services as part of its responsibility within an internationally funded Project.  It was one component of the National Tsunami Programme to establish a Tsunami warning system in Mauritius with assistance from UNESCO following the 26 December Tsunami in 2004 which killed almost 250 000 people in countries bordering the Indian Ocean. The funds allocated for the sensitisation component was Rs300 000, shared by ADD and another NGO.  


Presentations on Tsunami formation, propagation, warning systems and precautions that need to be taken were made at about 50 primary and secondary schools and for the benefit of the general public in 10 community centres around the island.


Exceptionally, the programme was extended to Rodrigues (21 to 25 June 2010) where nearly 800 students from primary and secondary schools and 100 fishermen were sensitized.

Awareness materials

A poster, sticker, and a cartoon on tsunami for wide distribution are currently being designed in collaboration with the University of Technology (UTM).  A set of Power Point presentations were developed.  A flyer is being developed in collaboration with MIE. A video film covering various aspects of the presentations and other materials is being prepared.


The Programme has been carried by specialists from ADD, Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE) and a specialist on tsunamis. It has received the support of the Ministry of Education, Rodrigues authorities, the Meteorological Department and the MIE.