Improving coastal resilience and Community livelihood in Villages

In addition to the extension of the mangrove propagation at Le Morne, the Association pursued its propagation activities Quatre Soeurs and Pointe aux Feuilles from January 2012 to December 2012. The funding was provided by Mauritius Commercial Bank Forward Foundation (MCB-FF).


About 7000 mangrove seedlings have been planted at Quatre Soeurs and Deux Frères and 8500 at Le Morne. Eight sensitisation sessions were organized for the village school. Over 100 students of the IV, V and VI standards participated over a ten week programme. Others were organised for the women community, senior citizens, fishermen and youth.

Beach Cleaning

Prior to the implementation of the project, a beach cleaning was organized in March 2012 whereby more than 80 inhabitants and 20 interns from different countries around the world, within the framework of the exchange programme of student association AISEC of the University Students of Mauritius and other countries, participated in the campaign.

Most extensive mangrove plantation

The Le Morne mangrove is now the largest area planted in the Republic of Mauritius. It stands at over 5ha.