Improving coastal resilience and Community livelihood at Le Morne Village

As a follow up to the earlier Project, about 30 000 mangroves were planted at Le Morne over the period February 2011-January 2012. It was funded by Mauritius Commercial Bank Forward Foundation (MCB-FF).

The second component of the Project was the preparation of a GIS map depicting areas currently under mangrove plantation and potential areas where mangrove could be planted. The latest aerial photos (2008/2009) from the Ministry of Housing and Lands were used for the purpose. In situ data was collected through surveys.

The following products have been prepared

Many schools have visited the mangrove sites. The last one was the visit of École du Nord in April 2012 with about 100 students who participated in mangrove planting.

A commemorative board within the premises of the Le Morne Community Centre was placed on 18 August 2012.