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  • ADD's planting of 9000 mangroves at Le Morne and Coteau Raffin celebrated on World Mangrove Day 26 July at Le Morne.......July 2023 is set to be the hottest month on record..........ADD's Managing Committee Members....... ADD won the 2nd Prize of the 2023 Environmental Award of the Ministry of Environment...........El Nino conditions will strengthen - Ocean temperatures around Mauritius during 2-29 July 2023 above normal........Global temp 1.1°C above average.......ADD's new email address:

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 Peer-reviewed and other Articles on ADD

1Meeting the challenges to climate change adaptation:
an NGO community?based successful projects in Mauritius by A. Chacowry (2023)

2. Mangrove Restoration Propagation and Sustainable Coastal_Ecology in Mauritius - The contributions of an NGO and women  by Sandeep Kumar Gopala (2014)

3.  Sea level activities and changes in the Islands of Western Indian Ocean by Sachooda Ragoonaden (2006)