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  • The President and Members of the Association wishes all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year 2023...  G20 Summit leaders in Bali planted mangrove trees (Nov 2022) as commitment to climate change......ADD has been accredited to UNEP as from 8 Sept 2022.....ADD has assisted inhabitants in the setting up of a Cooperative Society in the South-East with the support of MOL.....La Nina to continue to March 2023 likely to affect cyclone season in Indian Ocean...........Global temp 1.1°C above average.......-ADD's new email address:

Mission, Vision and Objectives

Our Mission

Promote sustainable socio-economic development and protection of Earth System through related project implementation, studies and awareness-raising.

Our Vision

Promoting community well being and sustainable island living.

Our Objectives

• Contribute to national, regional, and international policy formulation on sustainable development issues

• Promote strategic studies and research in specific areas that have implications for sustainable development including the environment and the economy of the country

• Identify options and address issues relating to sustainable development

• Maintain partnership with other NGOs and community-based governmental organisations having similar interest at national, regional, and international levels

• Raise awareness of the public and decision-makers on issues related to sustainable development

• Disseminate information through the media, publications and meetings