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The Constitution of the Association defines the framework for the operation and management of the Association as an NGO responsible to the general assembly of its members. An oversight is provided by the Registrar of Associations. The Constitution relates to the membership of the Association, its objectives, the election of the members of the Management Committee, and the responsibilities of the Committee and the Annual General Assembly.

Annual General Assembly (AGM)

The Annual General Meeting shall meet annually. At its annual meeting, the Assembly reviews the activities of the Association, approves the budget, adopts the programme and budget for the forthcoming year, adopts the President’s Report, considers motions from its members and may amend the Constitution. Every two years the Assembly elects the members of the Managing Committee.

Managing Committee (MC)

The Managing Committee comprises nine members. They are eligible for three 2-year terms. It was the last General Assembly that had decided that the membership be increased from seven to nine to broaden the membership and to include younger members.

The Committee meets once a month and implements the decisions of the General Assembly including the management of the funds. It also oversees the implementation of the Projects entrusted to the Association.

The Managing Committee is assisted by an ad hoc Committee that meets in-between the meetings of the Committee to assist in the preparation of the groundwork and in monitoring the implementation of the activities and ADD’s Projects. It makes its recommendations to the MC.

Founding Members

Mr. S. Chacowry    

Mr. S. Ragoonaden

Mr. S.N. Sok Appadu   

Mr. M. Ramphul        

Mr. E Michaud

           Mr. R. Nayamuth

            Dr. B. Pathack

           Mr. J.Pougnet

Honorary Presidents

     Mr Subash  Chacowry  (2016 to 2023).

     Mr Soobaraj N. Sok Appadu  (2019 to 2023)


                        Managing Committee Members 2017-2024

  2017-18 2019-20 2021-22 2023-2024
President Mr Soobaraj N. Sok Appadu Mr Sachooda Ragoonaden Mr Sachooda Ragoonaden Mr Prakash Juddoo
Vice-President Mr Sachooda Ragoonaden Mrs (Dr) Amitabye Luximon-Ramma Mrs Ellora Dhunnoo Mr Sachooda Ragoonaden
Secretary Mr Sandeep Kumar Gopala Mr Sandeep Kumar Gopala Mr Prakash Juddoo Ms Manjusha Ramphull
Asst. Secretary Mr Christian Travailleur Mr Prakash Juddoo Ms Manjusha Ramphull Mr Yaaseen Noorbuccus
Treasurer Mr Ram Sumbang Nookadee Mr Vedanand Torul Mr Vedanand Torul

Mr Vickram Dooly

Asst. Treasurer Mr Naim Ahmed Shaik Joomun Mr Ram Sumbang Nookadee Mr Naim Ahmed Shaik Joomun Mr Vedanand Torul
Committee members

Mr Subash Chacowry

Mrs (Dr) Jayantee Naugah

Mrs (Dr) Amitabye Luximon-Ramma

Mr Soobaraj N. Sok Appadoo

Mrs Ellora Dhunnoo

Mrs (Dr) Jayantee Naugah

Mr Soobaraj N. Sok Appadoo

Mr Deva Soondiren Ramen

Mr Yaaseen Noorbuccus

Mr Soobaraj N. Sok Appadoo

Mr Vincent Ah Cheun

Dr Rajeev Khoodeeram


Mr Gaj Pyndiah

Mr Deva Soondiren Ramen

Brainstorming sessions

The Association meets in occasional informal brainstorming sessions to undertake in-depth and critical review of ADD’s activities and its methods of operation. The sessions serve as a platform for identifying challenges and opportunities, chart new directions and to provide guidance for the future of the Association.

  • 1. Towards a Strategic Plan and a white paper on the Way Forward (Hotel Mont Choisy, Sunday 30 May 2010)
  • 2. Professionalization of ADD (Mont Choisy Hotel, Saturday, 11 December 2010)
  • 3. New orientation for ADD through fresh and innovative ideas (Pearl Beach, Flic en Flac, 17 November 2013)

 Members of the Managing Committee (2007 to 2017)