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  • ADD has been accredited to UNEP as from 8 Sept 2022.....La Nina to continue to March 2023 likely to affect cyclone season in Indian Ocean......Montreal Protocol (35 anniversary 16.09.22) ended one of the greatest threats to humanity's survival - the depletion of ozone layer.......Urgent and ambitious mitigation action needed to reduce GHGs emissions.....ADD celebrated its 15th anniversary on 7 August 2022-------ADD's new email address:

Brainstorming Sessions

Previous brainstorming sessions

Past Brainstorming sessions

  1. MON CHOISY HOTEL, 30 MAY 2010)

Decisions  taken


  1. ADD primarily a project-based organization.
  2. On several activities and projects
  3. Develop a draft White Strategy Paper
  4. Establish a sub-committee to prepare a list of projects for submission to CSR

Other decisions


  1. Each member should identify two candidates to apply for membership in order to bring the number of members to 50 within 3 months. 
  2. Members should be identified for each subcommittee on specific tasks as agreed
  3. Incentives should be provided to members to prepare and present papers in conferences
  4. Invitation to attend regional and international meetings including UNFCCC should be forwarded to all members
  5. Newsletters, scientific papers and other relating documents received by mail should be forwarded to all members pending operation of ADD website.

Discussion on

  • i. ADD operations and recruitment of members
  • ii. Review of ADD structure to enhance activities
  • iii. Review of ADD management
  • iv. Review of current projects and identification of future projects
  1. Communication and Publicity to make ADD visible