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  • Climate Conference (COP28) in UAE 30 Nov - 12 Dec 2023.....ADD's Managing Committee Members....... ADD won the 2nd Prize of the 2023 Environmental Award of the Ministry of Environment...........El Nino conditions to continue until May 2024 - Ocean temperatures around Mauritius during 1-28 Oct 2023 above normal........Global temp 1.1°C above average.......ADD's new email address:

About the Association pour le Développement Durable (ADD)

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The idea to form an NGO originated back in the early 2000’s. Many colleagues from the Meteorological Services and other organisations, who were on the verge of retiring or already retired from their active professional career, started exchanging views on how they could use their national, regional and international knowledge and experience to contribute to the sustainable development of the Republic of Mauritius and improve the wellbeing of the people. The Association pour le Développement Durable (ADD) was thus formed in 2007 was registered with the Registry of Associations since 21 February 2007 (No. 9744). It is also enrolled on the list of approved NGOs of the National Social Inclusion Foundation (NSIF/2021/004).

It now consists of a mix of former high officials from International and National Organisations and Institutions and young professionals from the University of Mauritius, Mauritius Institute of Education and several other national institutions as well as from the private sector and Small and Medium Enterprises.

Our Vision

Promoting community well being and sustainable island living.

Our Mission

Promote sustainable socio-economic development and protection of Earth Systems through related project implementation, studies and awareness-raising.

Our Objectives

  • • Contribute to national, regional, and international policy formulation on sustainable development issues
  • • Promote strategic studies and research in specific areas that have implications for sustainable development including the environment and the economy of the country
  • • Identify options and address issues relating to sustainable development
  • • Maintain partnership with other NGOs and community-based governmental organisations having similar interest at national, regional, and international levels
  • • Raise awareness of the public and decision-makers on issues related to sustainable development